1967 Truck ,Ford F-100 

Ford 67 shortbed, 302 Jasper motor, 3 on the tree, installed new water pump, belts and hoses, and installing a new Champion radiator. IT HAS ALMOST BRAND NEW TIRES AND WHEEL VINTIQUE WHEELS AND CAPS. West Coast Jr mirrors too. Continue reading “1967 Truck ,Ford F-100 “


1960 Ford F100 Crown Vic & LS Swapped Custom


The third-generation of the Ford F-Series are trucks that were produced by Ford from 1956 to 1960. Following its competitors at Dodge and General Motors, Ford widened the front bodywork to integrate the cab and front fenders together. Going a step further, the F-Series integrated the hood into the bodywork with a clamshell design; the feature would stay part of the F-Series for two decades. Continue reading “1960 Ford F100 Crown Vic & LS Swapped Custom”

2017 Ford F-150 Raptor SuperCar

6406.jpgIn my dreams, I can levitate. Always have been able to. I can’t fly; that nonsense is for dreamers. No, I can just lift off the ground and hang there, maybe six feet from the deck. Sometimes I go up as much as 10 feet, but never much farther. This serves no actual purpose. I’m not moving anywhere. I’m not taking advantage of my elevation to pick apples, or peep in second-story windows, or avoid anything on the ground. I’m just . . . levitating. Continue reading “2017 Ford F-150 Raptor SuperCar”