BMW X5 3.0 sports modified new bodykits 

For 04 the X5 Body Kits & Conversions was refreshed with new head lights, a few new exterior colors, new 4 wheel drive system and upgraded engines. The exterior touches kept it fresh and gave the X5 Body Kits & Conversions a more aggressive look. The grilles were enlarged, as well as their actual slats being modified in a flame surfaced style. In keeping with the E39 refresh of 01, the 2004 X5 Body Kits & Conversions’s headlights got angel-eyes rings or halos around all front headlamps. The taillights also got an E39 style refresh treatment and the exterior glass went from a dotted pattern to a cleaner one of lines. BMW invented a new four wheel drive system named xDrive shared both in the X5 Body Kits & Conversions and X3 in 04.

X5 Body Kits & Conversions are a popular modification to sport cars. A body kit can be a great way to make your vehicle look cool and exotic. If you have seen the fast and furious movies then you know how nice a car can look with a body kit. Most the cars that appeared on that film had the same body kits we carry here. With some basic painting and good installation your car can look just as good if not better! Installation of body kits can be done by yourself or by a shop. Its best to have a body shop paint your body kit. Installation of most the X5 Body Kits & Conversions are done by screws or special adhesive to the original bumpers. Don’t forget to look at our other body kit accessories such as grilles and LEDs to make your car look even more exotic.


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