GM Parade of Progress


The last thing I’ll post from the NATMUS. Finally got to see a GM Futureliner! I’ve read about them since I was a kid and I’ve seen posts on here before about them. This happens to be truck No. 10 from 1953. What a massive vehicle! , at National Automotive and Truck Museum of the United States. Continue reading “GM Parade of Progress”

The Battle of the Off-Road


That’s more or less how we decided the time had come for another beater challenge. Past such budget-burners have featured ice racing, a sort of street-car Olympics, and a cross-country scavenger hunt. For this installment, we decided to buy old 4x4s and fix them up so we could break them again. Pairs of editors were given $1500 budgets, which they promptly blew, and we devised a series of off-road abuses. The scoring was, to put it mildly, improvised. Continue reading “The Battle of the Off-Road”